Fast. Conscious. Food.

hailing from busy financial careers, the beam team realised we were no longer satisfied with the sandwich around the corner — sure it was the quick answer on a time-starved lunch break, but it was far from the best nutrition for our body, mind and soul.

Bema is Wholesome

Four chef + nutritionist designed bowls keeping taste + nutrition in mind

Bema is Balanced

Elevate your performance with our 100% plant-based and free from gluten menu

Bema is Mindful

we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint — this is achieved through our plant-based menu, mindful ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly practices, such as biodegradable packaging and minimal use of plastic. We adopt a daily cap on the amount of meals served per day to ensure little goes to waste.

Bema is Convenient

We value time and want you to spend time on things that matter to you. Queuing to get your lunch is not one of them!

Bema is Sustainable

Balancing convenience with sustainable practices is key, we encourage our customers to be mindful of unnecessary waste that can be avoided.

Bema is for Everyone

We take pride in giving back to the local community and will donate our healthy bowls to children from local schools on a regular basis.